When you can’t decide

I always wonder how some people make the right decision at the right time?

Ever since I had to decide things in life, it has never been an easy task for me. Somehow, I always have at least two options in mind for everything, and the battle begins. Being able to come to a concrete decision has always been a challenge for me.

I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but this is what has become my reality.

How do I gain some clarity about what to do in life?

Which path do I wish to take?

If I ever gain some clarity, it is hard to change my path.

I guess you must be wondering what the heck I am talking about?

Life decisions, choosing a path for myself. My biggest battle has always been what to choose?

Is it possible if I had the freedom to think and act without fearing someone else’s judgment, I might be at a different place?

When I was in school, I had to choose between math and biology and I ended up taking both. Since then I have always been trying to balance my life between two boats, but you know what happens in such a case. How can someone even live like this?

That's what I have been wondering, how did I survive these many years of my life like this?

All I want right now, the ability to decide one path, one goal, one ambition in life. It’s exhausting.

Tried writing journal, mediation, yoga, and a few other thought organizing strategies. Still no clue.

My therapist says that it’s normal to feel indecisive when it comes to choosing something for life.

I want to ask why do we have to stick to something when we don’t like it? A decision that was taken as a teenager should not decide my whole life. What the hell a teenager knows about life anyway.

Makes sense?

To me it makes a lot more sense, it is never too late for a change. I am going to try and even if I fail I will be glad I tried. Not keep wondering what if.


Don’t get disheartened when you are confused in life. Most of us feel the same way but are afraid to admit this.

You don’t have to stick to a decision if you are not happy with it.




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Vineeta Sinha

Vineeta Sinha

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